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Huang Ruo: The Lost Garden Chamber Concerto No. 2 for 8 Players
Seeded by ensemble212 on 25 Oct 2013
Author: Ensemble 212
Composer Huang Ruo conducts his Chamber Concerto No. 2 for 8 Players titled "The Lost Garden" with Ensemble 212. Alice Jung Yi Hsieh-Daugherty, Flute; Vasko Dukovski, Clarinet; Samuel Budish, Percussion; Stephen Buck, Piano; Rebekah Durham, Violin I; Miyun Chung, Violin II; Tina Chang-Chien, Viola; Ben Larsen, Violoncello; Program notes by Huang Ruo: THE LOST GARDEN: Chamber Concerto No.2 for Eight Players is the second piece from my first concerto cycle. It has four sections to be performed without pause. The whole piece runs about 18 minutes and is scored for Flute (doubling Piccolo & Alto Flute), Clarinet in B Flat (doubling Clarinet in E Flat), Piano, Percussion, Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, and Cello. The Lost Garden is an imaginative world, full of joy and sorrow. It is there that you can find your lost memories, or you can bury them piece by piece; you can feel the wind and hear the birds singing --- never again will it sound the same. This video is listed under the kind permiss
Conductor: Yoon Jae Lee
Presenter: Ensemble 212