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Huang Ruo: Path of Echoes: Chamber Symphony No. 1
Seeded by ensemble212 on 27 Oct 2013
Author: Ensemble 212
Artistic Director Yoon Jae Lee conducts the New York Premiere of Huang Ruo's Chamber Symphony No. 1 "Path of Echoes" with Ensemble 212. Program notes by Huang Ruo: Path of Echoes: Chamber Symphony No. 1 was commissioned by the IRIS Orchestra. The title Path of Echoes, or Xiang Ji in Chinese, has two meanings: a path full of echoes and the paths along which echoes travel. Whenever I am on a mountain, one of my favorite things to do is listen to echoes, those of voices, birds, wind, rain, thunder, falling rocks, and sometimes, the echoes of echoes. When sounds bounce among the hills, I always try to visualize how they travel from one point to another and how they change in sonority from the original waveform. A gigantic 'sound map' appears to me in which I can see or hear the paths of the various echoes. I also like to create different echoes with my own voice. To hear how each sound I make changes as it bounces and travels along is both entertaining and scientific to me. Paths of Echo
Conductor: Yoon Jae Lee
Presenter: Ensemble 212