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Ensemble Venezuela EPK
Seeded by edwardsimon on 14 Dec 2013
Author: Edward Simon
"Venezuelan Suite is pianist Edward Simon's love letter to his homeland, but that's not all it is; it's the perfect confluence of Venezuelan ideals, jazz language and chamber-esque sophistication. In short, it's a masterpiece." Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz Venezuelan Suite was born from my desire to consolidate my cultural heritage, love for classical music and experience as a jazz musician. Despite its rich and varied folklore, Venezuelan music has yet to obtain the recognition that other musical traditions from Latin America have received. Ever since I rediscovered the music of my homeland, I've been fascinated by its sheer beauty as is evident by the ubiquitous folk songs heard in many of my recordings since my second album (Edward Simon, 1995). Reflected in it are the sounds of the various ethnic groups that make up its inhabitants, an amalgamation predominantly of its indigenous people, Spanish and Africans, manifesting in a myriad of forms. Over time, my growing interest led me
Composer: Edward Simon