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J JoeTownley: Piano Concerto No 1 in F#-Minor Opus 1(new audio)
Seeded by jjoetownley on 6 Jan 2014
Author: J Joe Townley
LISTENER'S REACTIONS TO J TOWNLEY'S PIANO CONCERTO NO 1 IN F# MINOR "Wow this is truly great. I've heard? lots of PC's and yours is unique, colorful and really really romantic." "Great one...fantastic work you did. love the ending so much (16:51 - end) - absolutely fantastic, especially the very end (17:40) full of positive energy!" "In particular, the finale is amazing. I love how you incorporate all the previous themes especially the sweeping? finale? built on the main theme from the first movement. Brilliant." "I love the third movement! Sounds very? lively and cheerful! :) " ".. this? is one hell of a piece." "Great romantic piece! ...a wonderful reply by the aggressive virtuosic entrance of the piano." "A masterpiece! I wanted more when it ended! What a marvelous ending too! I still have the melody going in my head." "Magnificent and imposing !! I love particularly the third movement!" If the score looks blurred go to the "settings" cogwheel directly under the red timebar line o
Composer: J Joe Townley