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Leveraging Shared Business Services to Benefit Collaborating Arts Organizations
Seeded by Evan on 30 Jan 2014
Author: TessituraNetwork
David Pearce, Strategic Director (Business Performance) for Wales Millennium Centre presents his talk "Leveraging Shared Business Services to Benefit Collaborating Arts Organizations" in this Innovator Series video from The Wales Millennium Centre and its local arts partners are collaborating to share technologies and services in a creative response to tightening budgets, a tough financial climate for funding and the continual need to develop and deploy new business technologies. Based on their experience, David explains how arts organizations might leverage the latest technology for their businesses, develop new and innovative solutions to meet their needs and share the cost of development by pooling resources in a consortium. David Pearce has been with the Wales Millennium Centre since its opening in 2004 and is currently part of the strategic leadership team. During his tenure, he has led several strategic developments, including establishing an
Presenter: TN Demo