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Dynamic Pricing: Don't Leave Money (or Seats) on the Table, Tessitura's Innovator Series
Seeded by Evan on 12 Feb 2014
Author: TessituraNetwork
Tom Morris, Director of Administration and Operations for The Santa Fe Opera presents his talk "Dynamic Pricing: Don't Leave Money (or Seats) on the Table" in this Innovator Series video from With ever-increasing demands on keeping a business edge, maximizing every dollar is critical for arts organizations. In this talk, Tom asks how can we charge more without alienating our supporters and explores whether discounts should be used to stimulate slow-moving inventory. His examples of how The Santa Fe Opera has approached these complex issues demonstrate how we can harness institutional awareness, outside expertise and all the tools in the box to make informed decisions and analyse results. As one of the leading international summer festivals, The Santa Fe Opera attracts opera enthusiasts, cultural omnivores and novices alike with a diverse repertory in an incomparable outdoor setting. As Director of Administration and Operations, much of Tom's work i
Presenter: TN Demo