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Collage a Trois Trobar
Seeded by geoffreygordoncomposer on 8 Mar 2014
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Geoffrey Gordon's Collage a Trois Trobar, commissioned for Twin Cities-based, Dare to Breathe, for five mixed voices with recorders and percussion--from a performance at the Cliff Dweller Club, Chicago (December, 2000). From the composer's program notes: Collage a Trois Trobar is inspired by, and draws musical materials from, three Troubadour songs of the 12th and 13th centuries--namely: Dehors Lonc pre el bosquel, Volez Vos que je Vos Chant and Bem platz longa . . . the texts of which follow below. Dehors Lonc: Dehors lonc pre el bosquel Erroie avant hier. La vi mener grant revel Enmi un sentier. D'une jolie tousette, sage, plesant et jonete, Dex tant m'abeli, Quant seule la vi; Et la touse tout ensi Commence a chanter: "Robin, que je doi amer, Tu puetz bien trop demorer." (TRANSLATION: Near the arbor of Loncpre, I wandered the day before yesterday. There I saw, moving tremulously along a pathway,a pretty maiden Intelligent, pleasant and young. God, I was enraptured to
Composer: Geoffrey Gordon