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Szymanowski La Fontaine d'Are´thuse: Lynn Kuo, violin; Erika Crinò, piano; Daisuke Takeya, painter
Seeded by lynnkuo on 11 Mar 2014
Author: Lynn Kuo
Szymanowski La Fontaine d'Are´thuse, from Mythes, Op. 30 Lynn Kuo, violin Erika Crinò, piano Daisuke Takeya, painter Elements of Essence concert Presented by Les AMIS Concerts, Artistic Director, Michael Pepa Gallery 345, Toronto, Canada December 2012 Elements of Essence, presented in Toronto in December 2012, by Erika Crinò, Lynn Kuo, and Daisuke Takeya explores the theme of the elements, with water playing a central theme throughout the evening. In this inter-disciplinary performance of Syzmanowski La Fontaine d'Aréthuse, Daisuke Takeya paints a visual representation of the Greek myth of Arethusa, the water nymph who has chosen a clear stream in which to bathe. Not knowing the stream is Alpheus the river god, Arethusa is startled by his amorous intentions and attempts to flee. She safely escapes Alpheus by transforming into a spring of water, the bubbling and rippling of which can be heard in both the violin and the piano's undulating and trill passages. htt
Artist: Lynn Kuo