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Embracing the Semantic Web, Tessitura's Innovator Series
Seeded by Evan on 3 Apr 2014
Author: TessituraNetwork
Rob Greig, Chief Technology Officer for the Royal Opera House, speaks with Jamie Tetlow, Head of Digital Development, on the topic "Embracing the Semantic Web" in this Innovator Series video from Many are touting the forward-looking concept of the Semantic Web (content designed to be better understood by machines); others are debating its feasibility. Royal Opera House has created it -- a scalable content delivery solution that also helps search engine optimization. Using web 3.0 methods, the Royal Opera House team have built their entire web platform in Tessitura to create a sustainable, efficient way to manage their website. Rob Greig has managed ticketing systems for 10 years and has been working with CRM systems since 1997. As CTO at Royal Opera House he has developed their website and technology strategies to support CRM and ticketing operations. His role also covers new media initiatives. Jamie Tetlow is a user-experience and agile development
Presenter: TN Demo