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Research! Analyze! Question Everything! -- Tessitura's Innovator Series
Seeded by Evan on 25 Jun 2014
Author: TessituraNetwork
Anne Trites (Professor (adjunct) of Theater Management at the Yale School of Drama and Director of Marketing and Communications for Yale Repertory Theatre) presents her talk "Research! Analyze! Question Everything!" in this Innovator Series video from In a world where efficiency and effectiveness is paramount, we need to be confident about the success of our marketing strategies. Basing decisions on assumptions can cost us money. Anne will talk about some of the marketing assumptions that have been debunked at Yale Repertory Theatre. It's hard to find time to conduct research and analysis, but her experience at Yale Rep has proven that we can't afford not to make time to question everything. Before joining Yale in 2002, Anne Trites worked in Canada as Director of Development and Communications for Canadian Stage Company, Director of Marketing and Development for Confederation Centre of the Arts, as well as Marketing and Development Director, and later
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