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Georg Solti conducts the Chicago Symphony
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Author: NaxosUSA
One of the legendary liaisons of the 20th century between conductor and orchestra is that of Sir George Solti and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Solti himself described it as a "love affair" and he influenced the orchestra with the the elegance and impeccable taste of Central European music making. His remarkable partnership with the Chicago Symphony began in 1954 and he was named Music Director in 1969, a post he held for a phenomenal 22 years. As one of the greatest conductors of the 20th century, his readings of the major composers of classical music have often been referred to. The present recordings on DVD show conductor and orchestra at the peak of their music making with three unforgettable works. Recorded live at the Royal Albert Hall in London 1978 was a concert of Beethoven's beautiful First Symphony. Sometimes labelled a " farewell to the 18th century", as it is still very much following the structure of 18th-century symphonic music. The concert recording from Chicago in 19