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Gleams by Dimitar Pentchev ©2015
Seeded by dimitar on 12 Jul 2015
Author: Askeer
"Tonight, The old, shapeless Clouds Will gather to a meeting. Their misty, foggy whisper Will be spelling curses for the Sun. In the end they will decide to muster All their strength And pile on by dawn Everything they have - black and grey and white - On the eastern end… To stop the Sun. But I will wake up early, My hands will spread And into wings congeal, My eyes - Two lightnings, blue as sky… Then I will charge, Impetuous as fire, The cold and cloudy plot And stab it through the heart… Before the dawning of the Sun". *** A fusion of live music, poetry, drama, dance and stunning visuals, Dimitar Pentchev’s Gleams is a 60-minute fantasy of symphonic proportions. ASKEER Award-winning composer and pianist Dimitar Pentchev brings together Dora award-winning actress Claire Armstrong, (After Miss Julie, ROTC 2013) and Storefront Theatre founder Benjamin Blais (Cockfight/Brouhaha, Whos’s afraid of Virgina Woolfe/ROTC) in an intimate exploration of the deepest inner thoughts of character.
Composer: Dimitar Pentchev