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WAR STORIES 1."UnCivil Wars" by Adrienne Albert
Seeded by zach on 12 Nov 2015
Author: Adrienne Albert
Commissioned by the wonderful Zinkali Trio: Elise Carter, flute/piccolo, Susan LaFever, French horn, and Laura Ravotti, piano, WAR STORIES was three years in the making. The first movement, "UnCivil Wars", was completed in 2012 and made its debut at the International Horn Conference in Texas. Now, three years later, the Zinkali Trio gave the World Premiere of the entire three movements at the New Jersey Flute Society convention at Montclair State University. This movement and the following two movements, 2. "The Good War" and 3."Homeward Bound" are about 16 minutes in length when performed together.
Composer: Adrienne Albert