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Eyesight - Steven Stucky - performed by Octarium
Seeded by octarium on 15 Feb 2016
Author: Octarium
Steven Stucky - 1949-2009 Eyesight It was May before my attention came to spring and my word I said to the southern slopes I've missed it, it came and went before I got right to see: don't worry, said the mountain, try the later northern slopes or if you can climb, climb into spring: but said the mountain it's not that way with all things, some that go are gone text by A.R. Ammons (1926-2001) From the liner notes of Modern Masters (2009) "This piece has an odd history. A few years ago, I agreed to be one of the “prizes” in an auction to benefit Chorus America: the highest bidder would get a new piece from me, while their money went to the organization. The winning bid came from a collection of several professional choruses and directors. But I was always a little vague about the details, and, hearing nothing more about it for a few years, forgot the whole thing. One day I had a message from Thomas Edward Morgan, director of the Ars Nova Chamber Singers in Boulder: they
Ensemble: Octarium