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Canned Meat: Survival Tips for Music Moms #2 (A From the Top Short)
Seeded by fromthetop on 19 Feb 2016
Author: From the Top
From the Top's Music Mom shares how to get rid of those crazy concentration faces and have your little musician/superstar looking like the angel you know he is. Learn more at A From the Top video. 2016, all rights reserved Mom Lisa Yuen Son/Violin Henry Ayanna Director Timothy Banker Writer Greg Smucker Director of Photography Ian Dudley Producer Mark Williams Editors Samuel Skeen Noah Craigwell Grip Sam Robinson From the Top Executive Producers & Co-CEOs Gerald Slavet & Jennifer Hurley-Wales Ian Dudley and Samuel Skeen courtesy of Man With A Cam, Inc. Special thanks to Judy Banker Mehrling, Anne Beresford, Catherine Chen, Leslie Marckx, Perry Mehrling. Nancy Miura, and Carolyn Shih
Ensemble: From The Top