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Shake it Off – Classical style. A From the Top & Time for Three Cover
Seeded by theclarion on 25 Feb 2016
Author: From the Top
On a sunny day in Boston, classical superstars Time for Three head to the park to play music when three musical kids catch their ear with the Taylor Swift song. Learn more at A From the Top video. 2016, all rights reserved Original Musical Material “Shake it Off” Taylor Swift, Max Martin, Shellback Time for Three Musicians Violin: Nicolas Kendall Violin: Nikki Chooi Bass: Ranaan Meyer From the Top Musicians Violin: Charlotte Marckx Violin: Kevin Miura Cello: Dylan Wu Musical Arranger Steve Hackman Director Tim Banker Director of Photography & Editor Noah Craigwell Producer Mark Williams Musical Consultant Tom Vignieri Sound Engineer John Escobar Second Camera Joe Barnard Time for Three Business Manager Brandi Numedahl From the Top Executive Producers & Co-CEOs Gerald Slavet & Jennifer Hurley-Wales Audio recorde