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TN Inspire! “My Ticketing Life: From Caveman to Jedi Master”
Seeded by Evan on 17 Feb 2017
Author: TessituraNetwork
Adam Stott-Everett from Ingresso Group presents live on stage at TN Inspire! TN Inspire! made its Tessitura debut at TLCC2016. Presenting on a passion of their choice, speakers had exactly five minutes to teach, enlighten, or simply inspire the audience. But there was a twist! Each presenter was limited to 20 slides that auto-advanced every 15 seconds, keeping this fast-paced speaker series lively and entertaining for all. TLCC2016 Tessitura Learning & Community Conference was attended by almost 1,900 cultural professionals in Washington DC during August 2016. Follow Tessitura Network on Twitter @TessNetwork. Visit us on LinkedIn at Follow us on Instagram at Visit for more information about Tessitura Network and our products and services.
Presenter: TN Demo