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Iguanas Levitt Shell Memphis levittshellarchive video #6
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Author: Levitt Shell
New Orleans' Iguanas dedicated their encore song to Alex Chilton to complete this 2010 show at Memphis' Levitt Shell not long after Chilton died. When Chiilton first moved from Memphis to New Orleans in the '80s he formed a trio with Rene Coman and Doug Garrison who later became the Iguanas' bass player & drummer. Jim Spake, guesting here on Sax, also recorded & toured with Chilton during the '80s & '90s. Spake & fellow Memphis native Garrison first played the Shell in the '70s with their high school jazz band. This historic amphitheater (built in 1936) was fully renovated in 2008 to become the Levitt Shell which hosts 50 + free shows like this every year.
Presenter: Levitt Shell