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Lee Baker levittshellarchive video #25 Memphis Music
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Author: Levitt Shell
Lee Baker is a local legend around Memphis. He could be a singularly fierce rock and blues guitarist and singer with groups like Moloch, Mudboy & the Neutrons, and The Agitators. He also was at the head of his class among younger Memphis blues players in the '60s who learned traditional country blues at the feet of the legendary bluesman Furry Lewis. But for this Fall Folk Fest show sponsored by Save Our Shell, Inc in 1990, Lee performed a rare set of traditional gospel tunes (many with the help of his sons Ben & Bo). The Overton Park Shell was the site of many memorable Lee Baker performances dating back to the original Memphis Country Blues Festivals in the 1960s. The historic amphitheater was fully renovated in 2008 thanks to a generous grant from the Mortimer Levitt Foundation and the renamed Levitt Shell now sponsors a series of free concerts every year devoted to developing a shared sense of community through the performing arts.
Presenter: Levitt Shell