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Victims of Circumstance levittshellarchive video #27 Memphis Music
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Author: Levitt Shell
The original "Victims of Circumstance" were a popular Memphis group in the 1980s. The players here are: Peter Hyrka on violin, Chris Canute playing vibraphone & percussion, Greg McIntyre (aka Buzzy Frets) on guitar, and Frank Pappajohn on bass. Hyrka now lives in Nashville where he continues the gypsy jazz tradition with his "Gypsy Hombres." This performance was part of the "Saturdays at the Shell" series produced by Save Our Shell, Inc. each Spring for several years beginning in 1987 at the Overton Park Shell. The historic Memphis amphitheater was fully renovated in 2008 thanks to a generous grant from the Mortimer Levitt Foundation and the renamed Levitt Shell now sponsors 50 free concerts every year devoted to developing a shared sense of community through the performing arts.
Presenter: Levitt Shell