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Mose Vinson levittshellarchive video # 30 Memphis Music
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Author: Levitt Shell
Mose Vinson came to Memphis from Holly Springs, Mississippi in the 1930s and was known around town for over 60 years for playing juke joints and house parties and he also played in church on Sunday mornings. He recorded on sessions for others at Sun studios and even made a few recordings there under his own name which were not released until the '80s. He often played with drummer L.T. Lewis in his later years. Here the two veteran bluesmen teamed up with Glen Cammack and Ron Easley who are among the many great musicians to come out of Memphis Messick High School in the '60s. Easley also collaborated with Alex Chilton on recordings and performances for many years. The Memphis Medicine Show series was sponsored by Save Our Shell, Inc as a live radio broadcast from the stage of the Overton Park Shell over WEVL-FM for two years in the late '80s. The historic amphitheater was fully renovated in 2008 thanks to a generous grant from the Mortimer Levitt Foundation and the renamed Levitt Shel
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