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Travis Wammack plays SCRATCHY at Levitt Shell - Memphis levittshellarchive video #51
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Travis Wammack returned to Memphis for this performance that included his great hit from the early 60s. Wammack was only 16 when he was invited by Roland Janes to make some records that included Scratchy, a scorching instrumental that made him a hero to guitar lovers everywhere. Janes was a guitar legend of the 50s himself, having played many sessions at Sun Records including the greatest early hits by Jerry Lee Lewis, before becoming a producer and opening his own Sonic Studio, where Scratchy was made. Here Wammack plays with "The Rockin Sunabillies" featuring another veteran of Sun Records: J.M. Van Eaton, who played drums on those same hits by Jerry Lee Lewis and others when he was still a teenager. Memphis' Overton Park Shell was the site of many historic concerts including some of the earliest public performances by Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley. The amphitheater was renamed the Levitt Shell in 2008 after the Mortimer Levitt Foundation sponsored a complete renovation and now is th
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