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Levitt Shell Bucket Campaign Promo
Seeded by levittshell on 16 Mar 2017
Author: Levitt Shell
Levitt Shell is beginning our 2015 Bucket Campaign. What is this? A great way for our patrons (families, friends, community organizations, music fans, etc.) to take one of our donation buckets and decorate it before the summer season begins. What a great excuse to get creative with your friends or family. Come grab a bucket on April 16th at the stage in Overton Square, take it home to decorate, and return to the Shell stage on April 22 or May 6th. Buckets will be used as our 2015 Season Donation vessels. Be creative and most importantly of all have fun! Share your good times with us on FB, Twitter, and Instagram #levittshellbuckets
Presenter: Levitt Shell