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Make Them Hear You
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Author: Henry Three
Henry H. Pleas III, tenor Saori Chiba, piano From the Musical "Ragtime" Synopsis: Wikipedia -- Back in Harlem, Younger Brother seeks out Coalhouse but is repeatedly turned away until Coalhouse is convinced that he can be trusted. As one of Coalhouse's men leads Younger Brother to the Gang's hideout, Coalhouse, who has banished music from his life, watches a carefree young couple ("Harlem Nightclub") and remembers his first encounter with Sarah (“Sarah Brown Eyes”). Once Younger Brother arrives, he is unable to articulate why he wants to join the fight. The men's profound thoughts are narrated by Emma Goldman, but instead he merely tells Coalhouse "I know how to blow things up." (“He Wanted to Say”). Coalhouse and his men have taken over J.P. Morgan's magnificent library in the heart of New York City and are threatening to blow it up. Father informs Mother that he's been summoned to New York to help reason with C
Artist: Henry Pleas