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"Michael Wang, have you eaten yet?": The Journey to Knowing Ourselves and Our Members
Seeded by Evan on 18 Aug 2017
Author: TessituraNetwork
Nancy Yao Maasbach, President, Museum of Chinese in America presents her talk "Michael Wang, have you eaten yet?" during Tessitura’s Innovator Series Live at TLCC2017 – the Tessitura Learning & Community Conference in San Diego, attended by 1,900 arts and cultural professionals. Do you know Michael Wang? You might know him as John Smith's Chinese cousin. The Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA) knows quite a number of Michael Wangs. Yet, as we concentrated efforts to improve member relations and dealt with institutional memory loss with turnover, we could not differentiate one Michael Wang from the other Michael Wang. As a nationally-recognized Museum, MOCA successfully and creatively identifies and preserves the untold stories of the making of America, specifically the journeys of Chinese immigrants. We knew we needed a robust platform to help us know our community and, along the way, ourselves. Like Tessitura’s Innovator Series Facebook page at F
Presenter: TN Demo