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Black Inscription
Seeded by prototype on 8 Dec 2017
Author: PROTOTYPE Festival
Composers Matthias Bossi and Jeremy Flower, as well as Composer, Lyricist, and Co-Director Carla Kihlstedt tell us more about their contemporary song cycle, "Black Inscription." A free diver descends into the ocean's depths, never to resurface. As her terrestrial ties dissolve, she embarks upon an Odyssean journey." Black Inscription" is a multimedia song cycle that draws on the most powerful aspects of rock, classical, and pop music. Through music, sound and imagery, "Black Inscription" plunges us into our oceans and fills us with wonder, outrage, and hope.
Work: Black Inscription
Presenter: HERE ; Prototype Festival
Instrument: Soprano ; Mezzo Soprano ; Bass ; Voice ; Guitar ; Violin ; Computer ; Drums ; Electronics
Venue: HERE
Form/Genre: Opera ; Rock & Pop ; Song Cycle
Period: 21st Century