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Ghostly Waltzes Op.3 for Female Choir, Piano & Orchestra
Seeded by jjoetownley on 21 Dec 2017
Author: J J Townley Sometime-composer of Piano Concertos
Four Ghostly Waltzes for Women's Choir, Piano & Orchestra: 1. Waltzing With Spirits 0:02 2. Sad Vampires' Waltz 2:46 3. Boy Loves Ghostly Girl 6:58 4. Waltzing For Eternity 9:29 For best viewing go to full screen and then adjust "quality" in the Settings Wheel to 1080p HD 0:01 I Waltzing With Spirits A sumptuous ballroom. Humans whirl arm-in-arm to the strains of a ghostly waltz. A clarinet plays the spectral theme at 0:13. An English Horn takes over with a new theme at 0:45 as unbeknown to the dancers the music has summoned spirits from the beyond who join in the festivities. Humans and spirits swirl and spin side by side as both themes are combined at 1:40 2:49 II Sad Vampires' Waltz A 9th century bell tower and church sit atop a desolate plateau overlooking the steppes of Anatolia, where the Silk Road winds its way from the Orient to Europe. Undead women of the night Diabulus, Alquimia and their mistress, Felina have inhabited this long-forgotten citadel for four-hundred years.
Composer: J Joe Townley