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CNN features Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker Promoting Peace
Seeded by townsendcenter on 15 Feb 2018
Author: Moscow Ballet
(CNN)Allegations of Russian collusion may have cast a spotlight on divisions in the political arena, but there's at least one stage where Russia and the US seem to be in step. The Moscow Ballet is performing its "Great Russian Nutcracker" across the United States. It's the ballet company's 25th anniversary 'Nutcracker' tour following Glasnost -- the policy calling for increased artistic openness between the US and Russia after the end of the Cold War. And this performance of "The Nutcracker" differs from the traditional version. There is a Dove of Peace, a gift given to the principal character, Masha, during the Christmas party. Moscow Ballet producer Akiva Talmi said, "Masha flies on the wings of the Dove of Peace around the world seeking peace and harmony. She goes to France, Italy, Africa -- all around the world. And she finds peace and harmony through love."