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Vavilov/Caccini/Kern : "Ave Maria"
Seeded by breiner on 7 Mar 2018
Author: Peter Breiner
Razumovsky Symphony, Peter Breiner, cond., Marian Svetlik, concertmaster A cut from a Naxos recording session in Bratislava, Slovakia. "Ave Maria" is a much-recorded aria, "composed" by Vladimir Vavilov around 1970. Vavilov himself published and recorded it in 1970 on the Melodiya label with the ascription "Anonymous". It is believed that organist Mark Shakhin, one of the performers on the "Melodiya" LP, first ascribed the work to Giulio Caccini after Vavilov's death, and gave the "newly-discovered scores" to other musicians. The organist Oleg Yanchenko then made an arrangement of the aria for a recording by Irina Arkhipova in 1987, after which the piece came to be famous worldwide. However, you do not need much imagination to hear how much was this piece "inspired" by the famous Jerome Kern song "All the Things You Are" from 1939. So I combined it all in one arrangement ;-)
Composer: Peter Breiner
Arranger: Peter Breiner
Conductor: Peter Breiner