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REICH Music for Pieces of Wood
Seeded by iecontent1 on 21 Mar 2018
Author: Curtis Institute of Music
Steve Reich: Music for Pieces of Wood Ted Babcock, percussion Won Suk Lee, percussion Neil Rao, percussion Yibing Wang, percussion Shiqi Zhong, percussion Performed on Friday, May 15, 2015 Field Concert Hall, Curtis Institute of Music, Philadelphia The driving idea behind “minimalist” music is that an element typically insignificant or overlooked in another compositional style is placed in the forefront, thereby illuminating the musical significance of what might otherwise be heard as mundane. A single harmonic change from one chord to another would not be an event in music by Brahms or Mozart, since their music involved hundreds or even thousands of harmonic changes in a single piece, but if there were only one chord change per minute, that harmonic transition would have greater weight in the overall context of the piece. Minimalist composers like Steve Reich went even further and proved that one could remove all harmonic and melodic structure completely, leaving the listener to fo