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ROREM "Alleluia"
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Author: Curtis Institute of Music
Ned Rorem: “Alleluia” Sophia Fiuza Hunt, mezzo-soprano Mikael Eliasen, piano Performed on Friday, January 15, 2016 Field Concert Hall, Curtis Institute of Music, Philadelphia Juxtaposed with the wealth of songs driven by poignant texts, Ned Rorem’s “Alleluia” is something different entirely. Rorem quite nearly takes the text out of the equation, setting only the single word, alleluia, for the entirety of the song. Rorem’s setting is a showpiece for the voice, mixing exciting jumps and vocal fireworks with beautiful lyrical lines. Even when working with a single word, Rorem displays his signature commitment to expressing the meaning of the text, deftly capturing the spirit of awe and celebration traditionally expressed by exclamations of “Alleluia!” in religious texts throughout Western history.