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Brahms Piano Quartet in A major orchestrated by Kenneth Woods - Short Trailer
Seeded by kennethwoods on 16 Sep 2018
Author: Kenneth Woods
A behind the scenes look a the new Nimbus Alliance recording of Kenneth Woods' orchestration of Brahms' Piano Quartet no. 2 in A major with highlights of the recording sessions with the English Symphony Orchestra in Wyastone Concert Hall and an interview with Ken and producer Phil Rowlands. Available for purchase: Hopefully this new addition to the Brahms symphonic canon will get the widespread dissemination it certainly deserves… Kenneth Woods has grasped this nettle and produced an absolutely imaginative arrangement.” Erik Levi, BBC Music Magazine “By the time the work concludes, one has forgotten that the composer intended the music for a quartet. In essence, Woods has created a new Brahms Fifth Symphony.” John J. Puccio, Classical Candor “Woods’ versatile English Symphony Orchestra respond with energy and warmth, and it’s fun to compare their rich sound with
Artist: Kenneth Woods