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I'm Going Home by Newberry & Verch
Seeded by townsendcenter on 17 Sep 2018
Author: April Verch
Newberry & Verch perform “I’m Going Home”, a co-write by Joe Newberry and Si Kahn, on April 13, 2018 at The Greystones, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. Concert presented by True North Music ( Video & Technical production by Fat Pigeon Live ( More about Newberry & Verch at: ( Joe Newberry and April Verch showcase tunes, ballads, step dancing, and original songs by way of Canada and the Ozarks. With beautiful harmony singing, breathtaking instrumentals, and exquisite dancing, these two singular musicians hit the stage in perfect rhythm, making audiences remember why this music existed in the first place. Song credits: I’m Going Home Joe Newberry & Si Kahn Newberry Songs (BMI) & Joe Hill Music LLC (ASCAP) This song is available on Newberry & Verch's debut release "Going Home" available for downloading or streaming on your regular music sites of choice.