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Gilad Cohen: Firefly Elegy (for clarinet, harp and string trio)
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Firefly Elegy (2017) for clarinet, harp, violin, viola and cello Commissioned by the Adele and John Gray Endowment Fund for the Israeli Chamber Project Performed live at Elma Arts Complex (Israel) on June 2018 by the Israeli Chamber Project: Tibi Cziger, clarinet David McCarroll, violin Nitai Zori, Viola Michal Korman, cello Sivan Magen, harp Sound producer and engineer: Yaron Aldema Video: Culiner Videography PROGRAM NOTES: Firefly Elegy uses a 12-note melodic theme, which through the course of the piece undergoes a series of transformations - mirroring the metamorphosis that takes place over a firefly's brief life span. The piece comprises four sections that reflect the four life stages of the firefly. During the motionless egg stage, some types of fireflies glow dimly; the opening section of the piece (following a short fanfare of flashing-light) is likewise static and calm, while at the same time features an internal motion hinti
Composer: Gilad Cohen