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Healthy Start (Laura Marks and Gilad Cohen)
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Book and lyrics: Laura Marks Music: Gilad Cohen Based on the short story "Healthy Start" by Etgar Keret "Healthy Start" follows Myron, a socially awkward, middle-aged man struggling to recover from the breakup of his marriage. When a businessman mistakes him for a colleague, Myron discovers how easy and liberating it is to pretend to be someone else. But will his duplicity have dangerous consequences? And will he ever learn how to be himself? RJ Vaillancourt -- Myron Arden Kelly -- Danielle, ensemble Evan Thompson -- Businessman, ensemble Casey Kolb -- Husband, ensemble Michaela Milgrom -- blind date, ensemble Nuno Antunes -- clarinet Saeunn Thorsteinsdottir -- cello Natalie Tenenbaum -- piano Recorded live at Taplin Hall, Princeton University. © 2012 All rights reserved to the authors.
Composer: Gilad Cohen