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Curtis Percussion Studio with the Percussion Collective
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Author: Curtis Institute of Music
Tonight, the Curtis percussion studio teams up with The Percussion Collective for a special concert in Gould Rehearsal Hall. Join us live at 8 p.m.! VIÑAO Selections, Water Sijia Huang, percussion Yoonseo Kang, percussion Julien Bélanger, percussion Zubin Hathi, percussion Hanna Kim, percussion Yue Bao, piano APPLEBAUM Aphasia Zubin Hathi, percussion XENAKIS Okho Hanna Kim, percussion Yoonseo Kang, percussion Zubin Hathi, percussion INTERMISSION NEUSTADTER Seaborne The Percussion Collective: Garrett Arney, percussion Mari Yoshinaga, percussion Jisu Jung, percussion Sam Um, percussion Matt Keown, percussion Doug Perry, percussion