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Kevin Olusola and Ray Ushikubo Jam in Guitar Center Hollywood | From the Top's Where Music Lives
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Kevin Olusola and 17-year-old pianist and violinist Ray Ushikubo jam in Guitar Center Hollywood's legendary Vintage and Platinum Room. Watch the full episode: Episode 2: Violinist & Pianist Ray Ushikubo In Los Angeles, Kevin meets Ray, a 17-year-old piano and violin virtuoso who shares his childhood inspiration for studying music and his favorite four-legged practice buddy before heading to Guitar Center Hollywood for an epic jam session. Ray first appeared on NPR's From the Top Show 230 in 2011 at age 9, then most recently on Show 354 in 2018 at age 15. He received a Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist Award in conjunction with his first appearance. Learn more: Where Music Lives with Kevin Olusola Join Kevin Olusola – beatboxer, cellist, and member of the Grammy-award winning a capella group Pentatonix – on a road trip around the country to discover #WhereMusicLives. From the bustling streets of LA to the wide-open plains
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