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Author: Curtis Institute of Music
DANIELPOUR Selections from Urban Dances Steven Fraklin, trumpet Matthew Gajda, trumpet Ray Seong Jin Han, horn Lyman McBride, trombone Andrew Doub, tuba Performed on Monday, May 12, 2017 Field Concert Hall, Curtis Institute of Music, Philadelphia Composer and Curtis faculty member Richard Danielpour wrote Urban Dances in 1988 to capture his experience of living in New York City. The first of the work’s four movements, “Riddle Dance,” is marked by abrupt, spiky gestures that suggest the urban experience of, in the composer’s words, “confronting crisis, on a daily basis.” The second, “Burlesque,” is inspired by the sexual energy of people in the city; more than any other movement, it features hints of familiar dance rhythms. “Shadow Dance,” the third and longest movement, is a somber piece that invokes the “death, dying, and desolation that one becomes witness to in New York as a result of violence, neglect, and disease.” The composer describes it as a “dirge with variations” whose te