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ORATORIO PROJECT 2019: WALKOUT: Past, Present, Repeat
Seeded by kusc on 8 May 2019
Author: LA Master Chorale
"WALKOUT: Past, Present, Repeat," a timely new oratorio written by Van Nuys High School students for the Los Angeles Master Chorale's Voices Within Oratorio Project, was premiered March 1 & 2, 2019 at Van Nuys High School. This video documents the making of the oratorio and includes performance highlights. "WALKOUT: Past, Present, Repeat" recounts the East Los Angeles High School Walkouts of 1968 when over 20,000 Los Angeles students walked out of the classroom to protest discriminatory practices that undermined the academic ambitions of Latino students to the point of channeling them into menial labor and prohibiting the Spanish language on campuses. These events are widely credited with awakening student activism and signaling the dawn of the Chicano civil rights movement in Los Angeles. The performances of the 45-minute "WALKOUT: Past, Present, Repeat" are the culmination of the Los Angeles Master Chorale's 20-week Oratorio Project program. The program engaged three teaching arti