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O'Connor Method String Camp, Charlotte 2019
Seeded by markoconnor on 23 May 2019
Author: Mark O'Connor https://www.oconnormethodstringc... Register for the O’Connor Method String Camp - Charlotte today! The co-directors Mark and Maggie O’Connor talk about it, and play a little too! Mark O'Connor, the author of the Fastest-Growing violin and string method in the U.S. "O'Connor Method" speaks about his most recent string camp with beautiful film highlighting various classes and events throughout the week. A small portion of the inaugural “O’Connor Method String Camp” in Charlotte, NC was filmed by Forrest O'Connor and used for this video. For all information on Mr. O’Connor’s String Method featuring American music, creativity, cultural and racial diversity, improvisation and orchestra literature and training with music spanning five centuries, informed by the world’s great music cultures including Europe, Africa, South America, the Middle East and Near Asia, please go to “A New School of Ameri
Composer: Mark O'Connor