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Kinga Augustyn Performs "Bright Curves" by Kala Pierson (NY Premiere)
Seeded by kingaaugustyn on 29 May 2019
Author: Kinga Augustyn
Performed on May 16, 2019 as part of Queens New Music Festival at The Secret Theatre in New York, Kala Pierson's "Bright Curves" (2012) is a set of three short pieces that each tell a different story about the world of nature. "River Spinner" refers to the Darwin's Bark Spider, which builds its webs across wide rivers, on anchor threads up to 24 meters long. It climbs a tree, waits for the right wind conditions, and releases a long thread of silk. The wind carries this thread to a branch growing on the river's far bank. (In abstract terms, the piece suggests this process: throwing the silk over long distances, relying on winds, and spinning strong intricate webs.) "Lotus Curve" explores the delicate lines of the lotus flower. And Tremura is in the form of a Romanian doina, or mourning song, to be sung outdoors in the open air. 1:35 River Spinner 4:20 Lotus Curve 6:30 Tremura Kala Pierson (b.1977) is an American composer and sound artist. Vivid, expressive, and full of bold colors,
Artist: Kinga Augustyn