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Kinga Augustyn Performs Rhapsodic Musings by Elliott Carter
Seeded by kingaaugustyn on 30 May 2019
Author: Kinga Augustyn
Kinga Augustyn, Violin Performed on May 16, 2019 as part of Queens New Music Festival at The Secret Theatre, Elliott Carter's "Rhapsodic Musings" is one of "4 Laudes". In the composer's own words: “Rhapsodic Musings is a present to Robert Mann on his 80th birthday. It is a small tribute to his extraordinary, devoted advocacy of contemporary music. As is well-known, with the other members of the Juilliard Quartet he gave such pioneering and commanding performances of quartets by Bartók, Schoenberg, and many others, including my own, that many of these works became part of the performers’ repertory. His teaching and other activities brought these scores to the attention of students. Using his initials R. M. in the title of this short violin solo and in its main motive – re, mi (D, E) – this piece tries to suggest some of his remarkable human and artistic qualities. It was composed in June, 2000, in Southbury, Connecticut”. Videography: Adele Dunsbury Assistance: Terry Williams
Artist: Kinga Augustyn