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Winterreise, Le Chimera Project (preview)
Seeded by rcm on 6 Jun 2019
Author: Philippe Sly
Le Chimera Project present a collaborative exploration of Schubert’s final masterpiece that blurs the line between concert and theater. The song cycle is newly arranged for violin, clarinet, trombone and accordion, a traditional klezmer ensemble. The ethos of the klezmer style is steeped in pungent harmonies, folk inspired melodies and aching solo lines. Its association with the nomadic spirit, makes it an ideal genre to conjure contact with Schubert’s wandering narrator. Performance schedule will be posted on Philippe Sly: Voice & Hurdy-Gurdy Felix Delétoile: Clarinet and Arrangements Samuel Carrier: Accordion and Arrangements Karine Gordon: Trombone Jonathan Millette: Violin Roy Rallo: Stage Director Doey Luethi: Production Design