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Improvisation In American Musical Languages - Mark O'Connor in the U.K.
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Author: Mark O'Connor https://www.oconnormethodstringc... Improvisation In American Musical Languages A Demonstration of "Golden Slippers" at the European String Teachers Association where Mark O'Connor held a 5-day Teacher-Training Seminar at the Chichester University, Great Britain. "Golden Slippers" is a tune in the O'Connor Method Book I At a recent Teacher-Training seminar in Great Britain for European and Chinese string teachers, Mark O'Connor demonstrates how the tune can be improvise in various foundational American musical languages on the same African American minstrel song from the 19th century. Mark O'Connor, the author of the Fastest-Growing violin and string method in the U.S. "O'Connor Method". For all information on Mr. O’Connor’s String Method featuring American music, creativity, cultural and racial diversity, improvisation and orchestra literature and training with music spanning five centuries, informed by the world’s great music cultures including
Composer: Mark O'Connor