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Mark O'Connor: Double Concerto for Violin and Cello (For The Heroes) official
Seeded by markoconnor on 27 Aug 2019
Author: Mark O'Connor
For More YouTubes of Mark O'Connor: Double Concerto For Violin and Cello (For The Heroes) Composed and Orchestrated by Mark O'Connor Violin - Mark O'Connor; Cello - Maya Beiser I began composing “Double Concerto For Violin and Cello” (For The Heroes) within a month after the 9/11 attacks. “Folk Mass,” which was composed in 2002, features text from the Old Testament. I consider “Folk Mass a much more direct artistic response to that horrific event.) “For the Heroes” was my intuitive response -- one that embodies the American optimism usually found in my work. While much of my music pays tribute to historical, basic American values, this time I strove to create truly heroic overtones to reflect the times. I was scheduled for a 30-city tour with an orchestra commencing just days after the attacks. While many people were frightened to travel (or even to go to the mall)
Composer: Mark O'Connor