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The Fiddle Concerto's jig | Mark & Maggie O'Connor, "F.C.'s Jig"
Seeded by markoconnor on 7 Sep 2019
Author: Mark O'Connor
For More YouTubes of Mark O'Connor: F.C.'s Jig (The Fiddle Concerto's jig) Composed by Mark O'Connor Violin - Mark O'Connor Violin - Maggie O'Connor For all information on Mr. O’Connor’s String Method featuring American music, creativity, cultural and racial diversity, improvisation and orchestra literature and training with music spanning five centuries, informed by the world’s great music cultures including Europe, Africa, South America, the Middle East and Near Asia, please go to “A New School of American String Playing” For information and registering for O’Connor summer camps, please go to For more YouTubes on the O’Connor Method, see “Revolutionary Music Education “Playlist” Website:
Composer: Mark O'Connor