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"Dona Nobis Pacem" for SATB Choir by Keane Southard (Yale Glee Club)
Seeded by keanesouthard on 22 Oct 2019
Author: ks391262
Premiered Oct 5, 2019 by the Yale Glee Club, Daniel Tucker-conductor. To purchase performance materials, please visit: https://keanesouthard.instantenc... Keane Southard's website: Program notes: I frequently hear music in my dreams, but often it is too complex for me to remember upon waking. However, over the past several years, there have been a handful of times when I have been able to remember some of the music in a dream and transcribe it upon waking. The alto melody that opens my Dona Nobis Pacem is one such example, and in this case the melody and words came together from my dream. I’m not sure when exactly this dream happened, but my guess is that it was in the summer or fall of 2012. Shortly after, I worked out the soprano opening melody, but this then sat in my notebook until November 2014 when I approached it again and completed this setting. It wasn’t until having nearly c
Composer: Keane Southard