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Mozart's THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO — Moving Moment featuring Michael Sumuel as Figaro
Seeded by sfopera on 23 Oct 2019
Author: San Francisco Opera
It's off to the army for Cherubino! Banished into military service for his excessive flirtation, the teenage pageboy struggles with the confines of his soon-to-be fate — but luckily he has friends like Figaro and Susanna to lift his spirits and tease him mercilessly. As Figaro, American bass-baritone Michael Sumuel delivers a rousing rendition of the aria "Non più andrai," an ode to the joyless life that awaits Cherubino in the barracks. Serena Malfi and Jeanine De Bique co-star as Cherubino and Susanna in Mozart's "The Marriage of Figaro."
Presenter: San Francisco Opera