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Philip Glass - James Strauss - Venezuelan Elegy - Worldwide release 15/11/2019
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Author: James Strauss
Born from a meeting that happened between Philip Glass and flutist James Strauss in 2011, VENEZEULAN ELEGY is a celebration of music, of collaboration, and the triumph of the artistic sprit while the tragedy of world events as they unfold around artists creating it. When meeting Strauss in 2011, Glass encouraged him to arrange his music for flute and chamber orchestra. Despite being a flutist by training, and playing flute himself until the age of 30, Glass has not written extensively for his instrument. For Strauss, this has always been a frustrating situation since he wanted to perform Glass s music with orchestras. So Strauss set about arranging Glass s music for flute an ensemble including two major works: a large suite from Glass s opera Orphée, Glass s Violin Concerto No.1, as well as selections from Metamorphosis, The Hours, and Glassworks. Despite the title, VENEZUELAN ELEGY is not a somber album at all. It s a boisterous celebration of music and life. Glass spent many summers
Artist: James Strauss