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Elliot Bark - Let all earth Rejoice - Flute Concerto
Seeded by jamesstrauss on 15 Nov 2019
Author: James Strauss
Elliot Bark Let all earth Rejoice - Flute Concerto I. Earth Chant II. Earth Dance III. Earth Song Program Note Let All the Earth Rejoice! has three movements. I. Earth Chant is influenced by the styles of Gregorian chants and chants from sporting events. II. Earth Dance utilizes five different types of dance-like genres, and III. Earth Song simply, yet beautifully portrays the earth when everything is renewed. Even though I live on Earth that suffers through pollution, global warming and destruction, and is filled with hatred, greed, pain and war, I imagine the Earth where all tears are wiped away and no more death, mourning, crying or pain exists. Let All the Earth Rejoice! was commissioned by The New York Classical Players and written for flutist Carol Wincenc. It was premiered on February 22, 2015, in New York City by NYCP under the baton of conductor Dongmin Kim and flutist Carol Wincenc. And the South American Premiere was in Caracas, Venezuela, with flutist James Strauss
Artist: James Strauss